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Hope For Today Foundation

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Cayman is home to many people who suffer from addiction.  Without hope, they will perish.

The non-profit, non-governmental, non-denominational Hope For Today Foundation is a coalition of volunteers dedicated to helping and supporting recovering drug addicts and alcoholics through transition from prison or treatment community life.

Statistics have shown that ‘relapse” often occurs when an individual returns to the familiar environment where addiction had its origins. By establishing and operating alcohol and drug free transitional houses and campus within the community, the Hope Foundation programme provides a secure, safe and stable haven for individuals to gradually work their way back to a purposeful life.

The Hope For Today Foundation endeavours to establish such a refuge through its Transitional Living Program

We use a three pronged approach to achieve this mission:

1.Provide a basic living area free of alcohol and drugs
2.Offer support that educates and enriches the client through a 12-step programme based lifestyle
3.Aid in the provision of life skills to facilitate independence and economic stability.