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Hope For Today Foundation

  • No overnight guests
  • Attend weekly house meetings
  • Sign-Out when leaving the premises and sign-in upon return
  • All leaves to be approved by the Campus Manager
  • Be employed full-time or be actively seeking employment
  • Monday to Friday Curfew – 10pm Saturday and Sunday Curfew – 11pm

  • Must be alcohol and drug free
  • Zero tolerance – absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed on campus
  • Random drug and alcohol testing at any time, with or without cause
  • Attend a minimum of five 12-step meetings per week and verify with house manager
  • Have a 12-step programme sponsor and Home Group

Candidates for Residency must:

1.Be Caymanian or Cayman Status holder
2.Have undergone treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction
3.Be participating in an aftercare counseling programme
4.Have a sincere desire to pursue a clean and sober lifestyle
5.Be committed to abide by the Residency Guidelines and Expectations
6.Have a written reference from one or more of the Partnering Agencies
7.Be screened and interviewed by the Hope Foundation Admissions Board for final approval prior to entry

​House Rules/Expectations:

+1-345-928-9099  |  brenthydes60@yahoo.com